How to Add GIFS and inline images in Yahoo Mail



Now adding GIFS and inline images in yahoo mail is quite easy. The steps are easy and this can help you in diverse ways. If you are a yahoo account user then you can use these steps. Here in this piece of write up you will get complete steps on how to add GIFS and inline images in an efficient manner.

Are you looking for the steps to add inline messages in yahoo as there are different ways and you are little bit confused? If so then with this write up surely all the basic tactics and worries will come to an end and you can simply enjoy these features on your yahoo mail.

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Yahoo Mail now allow you put in an image into the body of a email message by simply dragging and dropping one from your computer system or you can stick an image from your clipboard also. This will make your messages quite interesting by the reader and adds creativity to the content also.

  • GIFs and inline descriptions allow you articulate yourself in the body of your electronic post. You can still resize big images to stay it neat. To get started you can open a new email to get started.
  • Place your indicator where you'd similar to the image to go.
  • After this you can drag the GIF or picture from your PC to the "Drag and drop inline image here" box.
  • In order to shrink or resize large images – tap on the Expand/Shrink icon two diagonal arrows which are pointing inward from opposite corners of a square.
  • In order to delete an image – tap on the X to take away the image from your email.

These are the few steps to add Gifs and inline messages to your yahoo account message. Hopefully these steps are quite beneficial but instead of this if you are still not able to apply these steps then you can also take help of online forums and article to apply these steps. If you are in hurry or want the results instantly then you can get linked to Yahoo Customer Service team and the certified experts available there will help you out in applying the changes. Simply dial the Yahoo mail Customer Service Technical Support Number and certified technicians will help you out efficiently in how to add GIFS and inline images in Yahoo Mail.


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Best Way to Delete and Restore Files in Google Drive

If you are using Google drive and you are finding ways through which you can delete and restore files in your Google drive then don’t get panic at all as you can simply apply a few steps to do this in your Google drive. To remove a file from your Drive, what you need is to put it in your trash folder. Through rash folder your file will stay there until the user will empty their trash folder.

In case you have deleted a file from Google drive then to permanently delete the file follow the below-mentioned steps.

On the web

• First of all you need to sign in to drive at
• After this tap on a file.
• Tap on Trash folder.
• In case you move a file to trash or deleted a file then it is automatically removed from the Drive folder from your computer and mobile app.

Empty your trash

In order to empty your trash folder you need to permanently delete an individual file or empty your entire trash. In case you have shared that file with anyone then deleting a file will lose access to it also. So if you want others to be able to still view the file, then you need to give ownership to someone else.

Delete an individual file

• First of all you need to sign in to drive at
• Now in the left panel, tap on Trash.
• Choose a file.
• Now at the top, tap to delete forever.
• After this to Empty your entire trash
• Now go in to your Google drive at
• In the left panel, tap on Trash.
• Make certain that there are no files that you'll want later.
• At the top, tap on the Trash.
• Choose to Empty trash.

How to restore or recover a file from trash

In case you put a file in your trash folder and later need it then what you need I to apply few restoration steps to restore your files from trash. You can restore files from Drive on the web from your computer or from the Drive app for Android.

• For this you need to sign in to drive at
• Now in the left panel, tap on Trash.
• Right-tap on a file.
• Tap to Restore.

In case you still need any tech assistance for deleting or restoring mails or files from your Google drive then what you need is to dial a Gmail technical support number and get solutions right away.

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